Alberto Barrero was born in 1984, in GuareƱa, a small town of Spain. At the age of 8 he began to study the trumpet in the Music School of Merida, passing with honours the courses. He quit the trumpet two years later in order to study the piano. However, a compilation of Toto made him change his mind. He decided then to devoted himself to playing guitar. For the next 8 years, until he was 22, he played with various spanish artists, rock bands, studying classical guitar, jazz, harmony and theory in differents music schools of Spain and recorded several audio demos for different instrument manufacturers. These days Alberto has just finished his first solo recording, The Night’s Soul. Influences of funky, blues and jazz can be heard throughout the record. At present, he is preparing a second work with professional musicians of Spain and intends to release it next year. Alberto has 2 Melancon Pro Artist models, one is Copper and the other is Vintageburst, he also has a Custom T.