The P-90 Pro offers the same uncompromising tone found in our P-90 Artist without the fancy top and natural edge binding. A set of DiMarzio P-90 pickups are packaged in single cutaway mahogany body with mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Your choice of a fixed bridge with stings through the body or a tremelo completes the package. Tummy cut and forearm contour make this axe as comfortable to play as an old pair of shoes. A real blue-collar rocker in a workingman’s hands.


Mahogany Neck






East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard

Pau Ferro Fingerboard

Pau Ferro Fingerboard


Fixed Bridge (Strings through the body)


2 DiMarzio Soapbar pickups

DiMarzio Soapbar

DiMarzio Soapbar


CRL Switch

CTS Pots

Graphite RF Shielding in electronics cavity