6 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars – 2023 Guide

While buying a piece of state-of-the-art device, your choices can be confined when you’re a left-exceeded musician. Left-exceeded versions are trendy and unique models, available on just a few music stores. You’ve reached the right place if you’re searching for a sparkling acoustic guitar. We’ve compiled a listing of the best left-handed acoustic guitars, including … Read more

Javier Aviles – Biography, Career, Songs & Early Life

Javier Aviles guitarist

Javier Avilés is a musician and producer from Granada (Spain) with a long discography. He studied classical piano in the “Conservatorio Superior de Música” and modern electric guitar at some other schools of music in his country. As a guitarist, he works in recording studios and with live music bands. As a guitar instructor, he … Read more

Brad Whitford – Bio, Career & Songs

Brad Whitford songs and career

Brad playing his P-90 Pro with a flamed mahogany body. Guitarist for the legendary rock band Aerosmith. Brad has three Melancon’s, a Cajun Gentleman, P90 Pro, and a Shoreline Gold Pro Artist which he used extensively on the Gotta Move Tour. Brad’s Pro Artist in Shoreline Gold was one of his main guitars on the … Read more

Michael Dowdle – Songs, Albums & Career

michael dowdle gutiarist

Born in Oklahoma, at the age of five Michael Dowdle began his musical journey on the piano. A few years later he picked up the violin and began playing in school orchestras. As his love for music grew, so did his interest in rock and roll. Because of his background, at the age of fifteen, … Read more