6 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars – 2023 Guide

While buying a piece of state-of-the-art device, your choices can be confined when you’re a left-exceeded musician. Left-exceeded versions are trendy and unique models, available on just a few music stores.

You’ve reached the right place if you’re searching for a sparkling acoustic guitar. We’ve compiled a listing of the best left-handed acoustic guitars, including classical guitar and steel-string guitar models.

These guitars had been chosen for their high-quality tone and performance. And, because we know that many artists are on a shoestring, we positioned a selected interest in locating an excellent tool for a decent cost on our list.

6 finest Left-passed Acoustic Guitars

Ashthorpe Left-exceeded Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-electric powered Guitar

This Guitar has superb clarity, noteworthy extension, and notable sounders, and it’s suitable for both beginners and skilled players. The guitar is reinforced with a present-day cross chords, A-grade pine hardwood for lengthy-time use and mobility, and basswood for warming. This guitar is sensitive and maintains its harmonic integrity, performed daily or occasionally, even when used as plucking or flatpicking. The body is extremely durable in this finished size.

The Guitar’s bridge is positioned so that it is easily accessible and has extra secure space while playing contemporary. It’s also slender (3 mm “thick) and produces an unrivaled tone and appearance but also does not compromise on comfort to travel and play without difficulty. This tool is suitable for people who need to transition between acoustic and electric, attempting to play various styles.


  • Spruce is the primary component employed for the frame.
  • Basswood is the wood used for the backing.
  • bendy guitar bridge mechanism
  • Cutaway fashion with a thin line.
  • Upgraded to the max.
  • The kit consists of every crucial thing you need.

WINZZ HAND RUBBED collection - Left-passed Acoustic Acoustic Guitar

This three/four measurement 36-inch megastar acoustic guitar is a beautiful piece to play, and it’s by far the most delicate beginner’s guitar, perfect for backpackers, kids, first-year students, and even the experts.

The hand-crafted body and “X” designed helping structure produce an incredible sound clarity, great tone with splendid acoustic features, projection, and responsiveness. The high-density fretboard and neck are robust and silky, allowing you to play your favorite notes without difficulty.

This guitar is a unit of perfection with lovely artwork form with craftsmanship and assembly, hand-rubbed polish, unfashionable layout, first-rate easy torso outlines, and white ABS sealing.


  • Basswood is used for the body.
  • Linden is the material used on the bottom.
  • Constant guitar bridge mechanism.
  • Correct audio.
  • Stunning look.

Vango Left-passed Acoustic-electric powered Guitar

The sound produced through this left-surpassed digital acoustic guitar is something to be heard without getting bored. The “progressed X-bracing deck” produces a bolder, more extraordinarily, and precise sound.

With square bouts and broad dimensions, the forty-one-inch megastar body creates a strong, fuller, ultra-modern round sound. Also, this piece can connect to an acoustic amplifier, processor, or PA set up to meet your desires for a musical live performance or filming within the studio.

While strumming the chords, the minimum motion feature production reduces the pain. Seamless design with ABS conditional is stylish and saves your fingers from being cut. Moreover, this left-hand acoustic guitar set consists of every item you’ll need to begin your musical journey.


  • Basswood is used for the body.
  • Basswood is used for the backside.
  • The sound is much more clear.
  • It’s a delight to play.
  • Durable
  • Package in its entirety.

Pyle Left surpassed ¾ size Classical Acoustic Guitar

The structure of this instrument is designed so that both left-handed and right-handed individuals can use it to play their favorite music. This string guitar package has a simple design that is good for beginners and youngsters who want to learn to play. A clean, rounded tone, it’s perfect for fingerstyle.

It is multifunctional since it can be used in training, live shows, band practices, on-level appearances, or at domestic. It is an all-in-one acoustic guitar model that incorporates everything you may need to begin.

The linden hardwood body, birchwood head, dyed hardwood fingerboard, high gloss durable binder, inlay linden laminate surface, and chrome tuner hooks are some of the highlights of this brand new classical Guitar.


  • Wood is the primary element of the frame.
  • Hardwood is the used material for the neck.
  • Hardwood is used as the fretboard material.
  • Nylon cords.
  • Hand-crafted timber.

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

For a musician, emotions and customs are installed on a comforting instrument and, in this case, an acoustic guitar. A beginner’s first device is an essential element in their splendid journey. These traditional layout guitars combine the vintage experience with the tried-and-genuine form adjustments with top-notch artistry and functionality to attract novices as well as experts.

You will discover your next best device with modern-day creativity here with Fender’s ancient design series. Suppose you’re attempting to find an instrument with a conventional tone and trendy spruce/mahogany structure. In that case, you are at the right place, with slightly smaller configurations suitable for domestic use or performances. Distinct textures, nylon chords, and acoustic bassline are also included.

This Guitar’s neck presents a splendid first-class tension-free contact with its gently curved fingerboard borders. This indeed should be the first Guitar for each beginner.


  • Mahogany is used for the frame.
  • Mahogany is the essential material used for the neck.
  • Walnut is the material used for the trendy fretboard.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Select your preferred fashion from the range of designs and colors available.
  • Hardtail Bridge is the guitar link mechanism employed here.

Ibanez AW54L Artwood Dreadnought Left-surpassed Acoustic Guitar

The left-handed guitarists can now take a backseat and enjoy the most acceptable range of instruments provided to them by lbanez new collection. This Guitar incorporates the proper bracing approaches thanks to woodwork technology.

While this Artwood collection is famous for its timeless structure, the corporation’s centuries quest for a suitable acoustic sound has ended with the launch of Artwood that never misses offering an incredible voice.

The AW54LOPN model’s frame form and complete mahogany body produce a complete-bodied, nicely-rounded acoustic tone. This trendy model has tremendous pores that offer a much deeper sound.

This Guitar’s authentic mahogany top, bottom, and flanks breathe easily, supplying a rich, prosperous, broad tone. The simple and smooth head design employs a natural flat polished finish.


  • Mahogany is used for the body.
  • Mahogany is the form of modern timber used for the lower back.
  • Mahogany is used for the neck.
  • Intrinsic Orientation Open Pores
  • Equipment with cutting-edge joinery.

Customers guide For excellent Left-surpassed Acoustic Guitars

This consumer manual will provide you with key traits for accessing the overall performance of your acoustic guitar when buying one for youself. These traits are defined in extra intensity below.


Gold-colored copper chords for acoustic instruments are likely to match your tone perfectly. They have got a brighter timbre and a better extent. The chords that arrive with the device are generally inferior in quality, extra fragile, and less snappy.

The best chord match ranges depending on the genre of modern-day track you’re trying to make. A metal chord is the best left-surpassed Acoustic Guitar chord for beginners if you choose to play rock, jazz, or western songs. If you experience a liking for orchestral music, a nylon-stringed guitar is ideal.


Spruce is the everyday wood for headspace due to its extreme durability paired with a mild sensation that produces a clean, high-speed tone with clean voice and purity, making it perfect for extended notes. On the other hand, Cedar offers a diverse mellow vibe, and it’s a wood that fingerstyle musicians love for its fast and wealthy responsiveness.

For excessive density, mahogany is also preferably available at reasonable prices. Maple is akin to mahogany in look. However, it becomes less anticipated and develops excellent tonal characteristics because it matures with time. Lastly, Rosewood is referred to for its excessive reaction frequency, so you’ll see rosewood portions with whole mahogany frames.

Pitch and neck

The truss rod is generally manufactured from metal, also called the neck. Neck prevents your Guitar from bending and distortion, contemporary string pressure, and different outside conditions. Any alignment concerns can be corrected by adjusting the truss rod, which can be carried out at the top or inside the shaft.

At the abnormal-numbered chords, beginning with the 1/3, many guitar fretboards consist of inlay dots or figures. As a result, the higher the pitch, the longer the fingerboard is. The scale gets shorter as the neck gets shorter.


Source: dylanbakermusic.com

Since every Guitar is not identical, the size and form of a modern-day guitar vary from one manufacturer to another, and every person is not comfortable with each size. Several latest guitars, including conventional guitars, have been around for a long time, including acoustic guitars.

The first is the neck form, and the second thing to notice is the wood type used for the production of the Guitar. Every kind could have its terrific modern conveying sound focused on diverse characteristics that could be favorable to one person and not to another. The duration and curvature of the neck are by far the most vital element due to their maximum usability.

When seeking to buy a left-handed musical device, remember numerous elements. Don’t forget to check the length because your arms will become more familiar with the one they are comfortable with. This is the proper way to start with.


The bridge is a plank made of wood positioned beneath the soundhole that binds the chords and reciprocates what you play on them, after which the whole unit adds depth to the sound through oscillations.

The chords are held in the role through bridge nails inserted into the bridge’s apertures. Adjusting the bridge’s timber kind influences how oscillations are conveyed to the device, like whether or not waves have a delayed reaction time earlier than generating sound if they are louder, and so forth.

Rosewood is the preferable material type for bridge construction due to its minor delayed reaction timing and extremely malleable finish.


Warranties depend on the guitar manufacturer and supplier; however, relying on the Guitar’s fee, you have to count on a 12-month warranty that encases the Guitar, if not in the chassis and additives.


Clip-on fasteners are essential in developing a secure atmosphere for your instrument. They ensure quality and security and provide toughness to your Guitar. Capotastos are used on the top of your Guitar to adjust the sounds. While your Guitar might now not arrive with one, you need to spend money on an easy journey case or maybe a gig bag to maintain and manage your device.


Whether you play left-exceeded guitar or a right-handed guitar it is absolutely your personal call. In any state of matter, you have got our complete assistance. All the above information provided will surely make you understand the important features of an instrument and also hopefully guide you to make a decision to buy one.

The guide is the place to begin if you’re excited to nerd out of doors and analyze more about what you are looking to shop for.


Is it true that left-handed guitars are extravagant?

Left-exceeded guitars are pricier than proper-surpassed units because they require more energy/price to create and are synthetic in smaller quantities, designing them to be less cost-effective.

Is there indeed a qualitative difference in the manner left-exceeded guitars are strung?

Besides being equal to their proper-surpassed equivalents, left-passed guitars are the same! The heaviest string remains at the pinnacle, the tuner order stays unchanged, and the control association stays unchanged also.

Is there a way to transform a right-passed tool into a left-surpassed guitar?

A proper-exceeded guitar may also typically be transformed right into a left-surpassed one. The only thing required to transfigure a right-handed one to the left-handed is restringing the chords.

What should be the configuration of the hand while strumming on a left-handed musical instrument?

Left-handed musicians use the right thumb at the fretboard and the left hand to pluck, stroke, and perform the notes above the soundboard.