muratGrowing up listening to 90s rock records of his older brother, Murat Kirkit became interested in the guitar at the age of 11. For a couple of years, he studied classical guitar. He then pursued his earlier interest and studied rock guitar for quite a long time. He was moved deeply when hearing  George Benson and it opened a new horizon for him.He started working on jazz theory, and jazz guitar technique. He later got interested in  funk. He started a  trio project to jam and improvize in funk and fusion styles. Throughout the years, these jam sessions laid the fundamentals of the Murat Kirkit Project. The band recorded and produced a collection of these sessions in Hi-Fi. . Murat Kirkit later played Rock, R n’b, Pop and Funk for various projects both as a session  and a live musician, In 2010 he started playing with the electronic music genius Onor Bumbum. His unique style is emphasised by  mid-tempo funky guitar riffs, mellow trumpets and a lot of electronic elements.. In the years that follow, they did several festival shows and club gigs together in Turkey. In 2012, he joined  the band Six Pack as a founding member. With its brilliant arrangements of Funk and R’n B hits from the 90’s,  the band enjoyed a quickly earned reputation. Nowadays, the band is following a quite busy schedule with an average of 50 concerts per year, playing in top venues all around Turkey.